Great Fun to Play With...

Let them enjoy hours of fun playing with the flash cards they really relate to.

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Help them learn to read...

With the message of your choice on the back, Who Loves Me? cards are great when learning to read.

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Great Gift Ideas...

Who Loves Me? photo flash cards make great gifts. Order yours today online.

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Don't have all the photos?

You can still buy your little loved one a great present, and upload the photos at a later date.

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Who Loves Me? Personal Flash Cards - Great Gift ideas

Who Loves Me? cards are personalised flash cards, designed by us and made unique by you! Created for children from birth to 5 years, each card in the pack shows a different person with their photo on the front and a brief description on the back.

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Recognise Family and Friends

Who Loves Me? cards help your child recognise family and friends from a young age and show them how much everyone loves them (especially useful when grandparents live long distance and can’t get over as often as they’d like!). They also help to enhance and encourage communication and language skills - and they’re fun too!

Stimulate your Child’s Learning in a way they’ll enjoy

Who Loves Me? cards are an excellent tool for learning to read and make a great starting point for conversations for older children.

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Unique to your little one...

Who Loves Me? cards can be tailored specifically for any child. You choose the descriptive wording so it can be kept simple for younger infants and be more advanced for an older child - or you can use the cards to teach your child about a specific vocabulary topic. As well as a pack showing family members, why not make up a pack of your baby’s friends – a beautiful gift to keep for posterity. Or why not try just using black and white photos as a gift for a newborn? The possibilities are endless!

We also do Gift Vouchers

Who Loves Me? cards make great gifts for a newborn or a birthday, and don’t worry if you don’t have access to all the photos – you can always buy a gift voucher.

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